ULSTN Radio presents the TOP 10 Lists. Our city is home to some of the most talented and resourceful artists, producers, and videographers/directors the world has yet to see. We’ve decided, from our own opinion, to compile monthly and quarterly Top 10 Lists that highlight the quality these artists produce that others strive for. The winners’ artistry pushes the envelope, and sets industry standards in St. Louis, which sets their work apart from those who aspire, and those who are true entertainers. Below are the top singles for the month of August. Enjoy.

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1.) Never – Bill C Da Don (Prod. by The Bizness)

Bill C Da Don is shutting down radio across the country with his single Never. Fresh off his Bigger Than Life mixtape, this crazy, diverse track provides the perfect tone for the fellas and the ladies to love. Never snatches the number one spot proving to be worthy as a world-wide single.  Check it out below.

2.) Bet Not – Saint Oeaux ft. Lil STL, Shorty Da Prince, Doughboy (Prod. by Cha$ethemoney)

Saint Oeaux rounds up some of the best artists in the city with this one entitled Bet Not. Lil St. Louis, Doughboy, Shorty Da Prince, and production by St. Louis producer ChaseTheMoney. This one is for the streets, club, cleaning up your room, or heck, even doing some homework; bottom line this song is pure “head on motivation”. How could it not be in the top 3? Check it out below.

3.) All My – Bo Dea ft Timeout, Sal Calhoun (Prod. by Timeout)

Coming in at number 3 is Bo Dean with All My, off of his recent Fromerica project. This timeless record features St. Louis artists, Sal Calhoun and Timeout, and is also produced by Timeout as well. This record is truly a classic from it’s old school sample, combined with Bo’s fresh delivery to relevant content that touches police brutality and politics; we say good things come in threes! Check it out why below.

4.) L.G.L.G. – Indiana Rome ft. Dharma Jean (Prod. by Beau Willie

Positive vibes are always welcomed. Indiana Rome slides in at number 4 with his new single, L.G.L.G.  featuring the beautiful Dharma Jean, Rome gives us a breath a fresh air and enough bass to shake your block. Check it out below.

5.) Mali Moolah – Mvstermind (Prod. by Mvstermind)

Mvstermind has an eclectic and attractive vibe sure to keep you interested long enough to ask, “What next?”. If you are familiar with Mvstermind, you know he takes major risks with his music and banks in big with great returns. He does just that with this record, Mali Moolah, accumulating thousands of views on Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube, and of course ULSTN Radio! Check it out below.

6.) I Can’t Tell – A-Game (Prod. by K. Swisha)

Nothing but dope flows from this guy A Game. Getting it in at number 6, I Can’t Tell From A Game is a trunk rumbler gaining buzz all around the city. A Game always brings his best, hints the name, and that’s no different with this record. Check it out below.

7.) Kajun – Smino (Prod. by Monte Booker)

Creating his own wave and constantly pushing the standard is Smino at number 7. Produced by Monte Booker, Kajun offers pure originality and innovative sound, enabling Smino to continue with his untouchable momentum, that puts him ahead of the pack. Another great record on the list that serves worthy as one of this summer’s TOP 10 singles. Check it out below.

8.) Coolin’ Boolin’ – Fortune (Prod. by ChaseTheMoney)

Time to turn up at number 8 with Fortune. Produced by ChaseTheMoney, Coolin’ Boolin’ has taken over the streets and radio everywhere. The FreeBandz artist, debut’s with this crazy club smash guaranteed to “get it cracking, get it bracking”. Check it out below.

9. ) Portal Music – Amir ( Prod. by Mvstermind)

Showing out at number 9 is Amir, with his single Portal Music, produced by Mvstermind. This has been creating a nice buzz over Twitter and Facebook due to the controversial video that accompanies it. Also with notoriety from his music with the group, M.M.E., Amir is a perfect example of how diverse St. Louis really is. Check it out below.

10.) Plain Jane – Doughboy (Prod. by Judge Beats)

With consistency comes great results, and Doughboy proves that constantly dropping radio ready records at an unmatched rate. Landing spot number 10, Plain Jane, produced by Judge Beats, is a fun, and dope club record to add to the many hits this guy has. Hard work beats talent, but Dougboy has both. Check it out below.

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