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“Success comes from
sacrifice. You have to
give something up to
get something out.”


Shorty Da Prince (or SDP for short), born Jordan Johnson started his career in radio when he was just twelve years old after winning a radio host search at KATZ 100.3 The Beat. He hosted a Saturday Morning show and begin to become popular radio DJ in the city eventually becoming the prime time DJ in St Louis landing the 6pm to Midnight slot Monday through Friday all while still in high school. After honing his craft, Shorty became one of St. Louis’ top rated on air personality on WHHL HOT 104.1 .In 2010, he set his sights on Detroit and landed a gig hosting a top rated night show on the most popular hip hop station in the city, HOT 107.5. As of 2015 Shorty can be heard on 93.9 WKYS in the DMV (DC/MD/VA) and in St. Louis on HOT 104.1 7pm to Midnight on weekdays.

Throughout his career in radio Shorty also chased his love of music. At the age of fifteen, Shorty signed a deal with Track Boyz Entertainment (Nelly Air Force Ones) under the stage name Shorty da Kid. The Track Boyz introduced Shorty da Kid on a tour of artist showcases attended by Universal, Def Jam, Capital and Atlantic Records executives. During the Atlantic Records showcase, Shorty caught the eye of media executive Kevin Liles and was immediately signed to Atlantic Records.

SDP is most known for his 2008 summer anthem “Wah Wah Wow.” Despite released from Atlantic/Warner Bros Records in 2010 Shorty continues to crank out music for his fans. Upon his release, Shorty da Kid changed his stage name to Shorty da Prince or SDP.

His recent 2015 project release “2 Humble” described an artist that is ready to take whats his; with a solid fan base and real following, we believe he can do just that.Knowing Shorty on a personal level, like a brother, I would agree with the title of this project. Having accomplished so much with so many people doubting his success, it’s great to see Shorty prevail as one of the greatest from St. Louis to every do it.

Recently SDP has been gradually sweeping the city all over again with his remixes to the popular records like Future’s Wicked, Young Thug’s Pick Up the Phone, and Dae Dae’s What You Mean have been in primary rotation for those singles. Now with new single in the forefront, Face UP, SDP seems to be making all of the right moves to be placed in all the right position. The best thing about SDP is that he has yet to peak and is always pushing the envelope with his creativity and consistency. Check out the remixes that’s been stirring everything up!

Also don’t forget to check out SDP’s new single Face UP.

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