Unless you’ve been under a rock the past 2 years in St. Louis, then you’ve probably heard of the rap group, 3 Problems. Whether in the streets where their names rang bells, or on the Internet where their music videos went viral, they’re well known throughout the city and beyond. Since the death of 1/3 of the group,  Swag Huncho, Luh Tay has been single-handedly flooding the streets of St. Louis with music.  It might seem a little far-fetched, but in my opinion there hasn’t been another artist to represent St. Louis to this extent, since Nelly had Country Grammar, which was well over a decade ago. Luh Tay has been on numerous features, received close to 600,000 plays on Soundcloud, earned 11,000 subscribers on YouTube, with every video reaching six figures in views.  Not to mention he dropped one of the greatest mixtapes to ever come out of St. Louis entitled, Free Rello.

There was a time where you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing or seeing the mixtape, Free Rello. People post lyrics from that project on a daily. If you’re a tourist and you want to know more about St. Louis, listen to Free Rello. You will laugh, cry, feel betrayed, turn up, have thoughts of killing someone, and you might just go to jail in the process.  Even if the streets take a turn for the good, this tape would still be timeless.  With 3 Problems gearing to drop Free Rello: Reloaded , you will have a few new hits like “Bounce Back” and “100 Shells Pt. 2”.

Every artist from St. Louis has, in one form or another, tried to get their hands on the Luh Tay “stimulus package”. The stimulus package includes a catchy hook, his attendance at the video shoot, and access to his fan base.  If you’re on YouTube regularly or not, just type in 3 Problems and see for yourself how many features Luh Tay knocked out since last December.  It’s no secret. Pay to put Luh Tay on a song, your views will surely go up, and you might just build up enough buzz in the streets for yourself.

Numbers don’t lie, unless you’re buying views, but no matter what Luh Tay hops on, it does numbers. You can’t say the same for any other artists in St. Louis right now making street music.  My advice to you will be to pick your best song and pay Luh Tay for a feature.  With no major co-signs, zero World Star videos, or big money backing him, Luh Tay is the go to guy if your music needs clout in the streets.

Lastly, his lyrics are authentic and the city can definitely vouch for him. Between losing friends, and going back and forth to jail, it’s hard to root against him. If not ourselves, we all know someone who’s going through what he’s been through, so if he win, we ALL win.


Luh Tay is running the streets right now, point blank period.  How could you not crown him the “King of STL Street Music”.

If you don’t agree, who would you crown?

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The author Eazo

  • bigguccitrent

    On my soul, all his shii slidin. I still bump Problem Story and Free Rello outchea in Florida, can’t wait fa bro to drop more tapes. keep grindin Tay. #LongLiveSwagg #FreeRello