The Finesse Center – A New Home for Artists

Art and culture are the portals for artistic knowledge and discovery. The Finesse Center is a place for people across all of the arts to come together to learn, connect, and share. Our mission is to create an environment in which creatives can thrive in St. Louis. As an establishment of support and resources, the Finesse Center exists to help foster your passions and lifelong dreams – a place for creatives to make a way.

The Finesse Center, named in honor of the late Tyrell A. Thompson, is a co-working space designed to be a collaboration community and resource for creatives located in the heart of downtown St. Louis, Missouri.

Among the biggest challenges for a creative freelance professional is finding an inspiring place to work, meet professionally with clients, as well as network and access resources. The Finesse Center is the answer to community’s needs by providing a creative space to work and play.

Creative professionals, who work from home, and across multiple industries and professions, need a place to work creatively and collaborate with like-minded individuals. Typical alternatives include coffee shops, libraries, and at home offices. The concept of coworking is quickly catching on in major cities in the United States and Europe. Coworking is attracting many individuals from a range of professions looking to take advantage of shared workspaces.

The Finesse Center is more than just an empty desk or lounge area. Finesse Center offers an open workspace as well as meeting areas that are well designed, trendy, comfortable, and inspiring. It will be equipped with amenities such as wifi, desktop computers, printers, digital cameras, backdrops, easels, canvasses, and more all available for its dedicated members. In addition to providing a place to work, The Finesse Center is a place for creatives to network and mingle. Members have access to seminars, workshops, and discounts to weekly events. It is also a venue for artistic events, professional seminars, and workshops for the local community.

There will be an event held on November 10th in Tyrell’s honor at the Finesse Center hosted by T-Animated and music by our very own DJ Twinny Twin. Below is the info!

You can also buy tickets for this event at

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