What happened Buzzie? 

Trap? Mr. 2 for 1? First Day Out? 

If you have an avid ear to the St. Louis music scene like myself, then u might’ve heard those songs.

Buzzie flooded us with music and created it with the intent of inspiring others to get up, get out, and get some money. Personally, I can’t think of a wack verse from Buzzie. He’s proven himself to be one of the best lyricist out of the new wave of young STL artists, and to add the most consistent.

Buzzie should be on top right now right? WRONG.

Buzzie has been out of pocket lately. Giving us music here and there, but not enough to stay buzzing. At one point you knew every week Buzzie would either be slaughtering someone else’s song, or dropping his own heat.  With some of the highest viewed videos under VickMont’s #FreestyleMonday content series, why aren’t people talking about Buzzie?

Before doing a short bid, you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing Buzzie.  His highly anticipated mixtape, All or Nothing hosted by DJ Holiday, was set to release some time ago, but unfortunately the untimely bid delayed the release. (See Below)  While away doing his bid, new artists began to pop out. No one really knew when Buzzie was returning. He literally popped back out and dropped a video to a track entitled First Day Out, which by the way was a great way to return to the streets with that heat. Then the tape dropped and he disappeared.  Since then he’d drop a song or two, maybe a video, hell I haven’t heard him on a feature in a while, come to think about it. It almost seems as if he just fell back, and now other artists are beginning to surpass him in a way.

Personally, I feel that Buzzie should be one of the top artists in the city.  With the absence of AMR Freak, Jizzle Bandz, Dee Huncho, and LA4ss, he should have the streets, but the lack of new music from Buzzie has the streets worried. Right now the streets need Buzzie.  I miss hearing about Juggin fries, and Buzzie should be feeding the streets, period.  He’s underachieving and keeping new music from fans is killing his buzz; no pun intended. 

He recently dropped a song, Real Ones, which is something the fans have been waiting on. If he keeps it up he will surely return to the top of the STL rap scene like he once was. Buzzie we need more music! 

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