Watch the Throne: Heavy G New Prince of the City?

 Mr. Much Success To The Real N**gaz. Orchestrator of the New Lou Movement. Arguably one of  the most influential people on the St. Louis music scene right now. And guess what ladies and gentlemen? He’s only 18. Heavy G has managed to create one of the biggest brands in St. Louis, and has rubbed hands with the hottest artists locally, and nationally. Heavy G’s mix tapes series “Who Gettin’ Heavy?” And “New Lou” are doing numbers on his Spinrilla account. The hottest mix tape host in the city. With no co-sign, not begging for help, he got up and created his own lane that even got the radio stations peeping it. It’s like every other week they calling him for an interview. It’s like Heavy just popped on the scene out the blue and took over. 

  Over 30k streams on Spinrilla, and 11k downloads. It’s hard to not give props to what he’s doing. Lately it seems like more people are trying to either duplicate, or join the Get Heavy wave. Throughout St. Louis, people are paying for placements left and right on his mixtapes. Many artist just throw records to him and he decides which ones are best for his projects. Heavy G, is a true young boss who took the city by storm. 

Some may feel the “New Lou” mantra, may be dividing the city, others feel like its making every person on the scene work harder motivating a lot of up and coming artists.

Do you feel like Heavy G is the New Prince of the City? Has Shorty (SDP) surpassed to “King” status? How do you feel about the “New Lou” situation. Some think Heavy G has the crown, while others….well you get it. Watch The Throne.

Let us hear your thoughts!


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