Anthony Lucius is blessing fans with another great music project titled 87th. This project, is said to be his best and may very well be. Lucius is lyrically gifted, but what stands out the most in 87th isn’t just the lyrics, but the production. The tone of 87th switches back and forth from smooth to up beat. Incorporating various instruments like the electric guitar, piano and flute combined with musical flavors such as jazz, soul and 90s g-funk that highlight each track.

87th is set to release September 22nd. Just five months after Anthony Lucius‘ debut album Welcome to St. Lucius.

Where Welcome to St. Lucius left off, Lucius picks back up in 87th. Continuing with songs loaded with solid lyrics and smooth tones that fans have come to love. Songs such as “Be Ocean, Not Wave“, “Holy Grail Flow“, “Pt III“, and “Pretty Brown Pearls“. The piano shifts in “Pt III” and flute in “Be Ocean, Not Wave” are amazing. Strings and blends that are sure to keep your ears engaged. Hip-hop at it’s best.

87th does have it’s more up tempo tracks. Tracks such as “Bag“, “Alive“, and “4block“. The electric guitar in “4block” is something special. Dropping that guitar over those snares is just amazing. Perfectly synchronizing that old school sound with a modern hip-hop up-beat. Instant vibes.

87th is another solid project from one of St. Louis’ most talented artists. Anthony Lucius proves to be not only a talented rapper, but a great creator of music. Leaving his musical creativity all over 87th, his sound is definable undeniable.

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