Anthony Lucius’ sound is undeniable in 87th!


Anthony Lucius is blessing fans with another great music project titled 87th. This project, is said to be his best and may very well be. Lucius is lyrically gifted, but what stands out the most in 87th isn’t just the lyrics, but the production. The tone of 87th switches back and forth from smooth to up beat. Incorporating various instruments like the electric guitar, piano and flute combined with musical flavors such as jazz, soul and 90s g-funk that highlight each track.

87th is set to release September 22nd. Just five months after Anthony Lucius‘ debut album Welcome to St. Lucius.

Where Welcome to St. Lucius left off, Lucius picks back up in 87th. Continuing with songs loaded with solid lyrics and smooth tones that fans have come to love. Songs such as “Be Ocean, Not Wave“, “Holy Grail Flow“, “Pt III“, and “Pretty Brown Pearls“. The piano shifts in “Pt III” and flute in “Be Ocean, Not Wave” are amazing. Strings and blends that are sure to keep your ears engaged. Hip-hop at it’s best.

87th does have it’s more up tempo tracks. Tracks such as “Bag“, “Alive“, and “4block“. The electric guitar in “4block” is something special. Dropping that guitar over those snares is just amazing. Perfectly synchronizing that old school sound with a modern hip-hop up-beat. Instant vibes.

87th is another solid project from one of St. Louis’ most talented artists. Anthony Lucius proves to be not only a talented rapper, but a great creator of music. Leaving his musical creativity all over 87th, his sound is definable undeniable.

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Watch the Throne: Heavy G New Prince of the City?


 Mr. Much Success To The Real N**gaz. Orchestrator of the New Lou Movement. Arguably one of  the most influential people on the St. Louis music scene right now. And guess what ladies and gentlemen? He’s only 18. Heavy G has managed to create one of the biggest brands in St. Louis, and has rubbed hands with the hottest artists locally, and nationally. Heavy G’s mix tapes series “Who Gettin’ Heavy?” And “New Lou” are doing numbers on his Spinrilla account. The hottest mix tape host in the city. With no co-sign, not begging for help, he got up and created his own lane that even got the radio stations peeping it. It’s like every other week they calling him for an interview. It’s like Heavy just popped on the scene out the blue and took over. 

  Over 30k streams on Spinrilla, and 11k downloads. It’s hard to not give props to what he’s doing. Lately it seems like more people are trying to either duplicate, or join the Get Heavy wave. Throughout St. Louis, people are paying for placements left and right on his mixtapes. Many artist just throw records to him and he decides which ones are best for his projects. Heavy G, is a true young boss who took the city by storm. 

Some may feel the “New Lou” mantra, may be dividing the city, others feel like its making every person on the scene work harder motivating a lot of up and coming artists.

Do you feel like Heavy G is the New Prince of the City? Has Shorty (SDP) surpassed to “King” status? How do you feel about the “New Lou” situation. Some think Heavy G has the crown, while others….well you get it. Watch The Throne.

Let us hear your thoughts!


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What Ever Happened To Buzzie?


What happened Buzzie? 

Trap? Mr. 2 for 1? First Day Out? 

If you have an avid ear to the St. Louis music scene like myself, then u might’ve heard those songs.

Buzzie flooded us with music and created it with the intent of inspiring others to get up, get out, and get some money. Personally, I can’t think of a wack verse from Buzzie. He’s proven himself to be one of the best lyricist out of the new wave of young STL artists, and to add the most consistent.

Buzzie should be on top right now right? WRONG.

Buzzie has been out of pocket lately. Giving us music here and there, but not enough to stay buzzing. At one point you knew every week Buzzie would either be slaughtering someone else’s song, or dropping his own heat.  With some of the highest viewed videos under VickMont’s #FreestyleMonday content series, why aren’t people talking about Buzzie?

Before doing a short bid, you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing Buzzie.  His highly anticipated mixtape, All or Nothing hosted by DJ Holiday, was set to release some time ago, but unfortunately the untimely bid delayed the release. (See Below)  While away doing his bid, new artists began to pop out. No one really knew when Buzzie was returning. He literally popped back out and dropped a video to a track entitled First Day Out, which by the way was a great way to return to the streets with that heat. Then the tape dropped and he disappeared.  Since then he’d drop a song or two, maybe a video, hell I haven’t heard him on a feature in a while, come to think about it. It almost seems as if he just fell back, and now other artists are beginning to surpass him in a way.

Personally, I feel that Buzzie should be one of the top artists in the city.  With the absence of AMR Freak, Jizzle Bandz, Dee Huncho, and LA4ss, he should have the streets, but the lack of new music from Buzzie has the streets worried. Right now the streets need Buzzie.  I miss hearing about Juggin fries, and Buzzie should be feeding the streets, period.  He’s underachieving and keeping new music from fans is killing his buzz; no pun intended. 

He recently dropped a song, Real Ones, which is something the fans have been waiting on. If he keeps it up he will surely return to the top of the STL rap scene like he once was. Buzzie we need more music! 

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Ooops [WINS] Election for Missouri State Rep.


Activist and former rapper Bruce (Ooops) Franks Jr won special election for State Representative of Missouri’s 78th District on Friday, Sept. 16, 2016.


This time, it wasn’t even close.

Six weeks after activist and business owner Bruce Franks Jr. narrowly lost his Democratic primary challenge to incumbent state Rep. Penny Hubbard (D-St. Louis), a court-ordered revote had a markedly different outcome.

Today, Franks walloped her.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Franks took 76.12 percent of the vote to Hubbard’s 23.88, winning by a margin of more than 1,500 votes.

In the earlier election in August, which a judge threw out after Franks’ election challenge revealed serious irregularities with absentee balloting, Hubbard had squeaked by with a 90-vote margin of victory.

One big difference was the number of absentee ballots — there were only one-fifth cast today as in the disputed August 2 election. This time, too, Hubbard beat Franks in the absentee ballots, but by a far smaller margin. He captured 42 percent of absentee votes to her 57.9 percent.

But based on his high margin of victory tonight, Franks could have prevailed over Hubbard even if she’d brought in as many absentee voters as she did August 2.

A total of 2,935 voters cast ballots in this election, according to Board of Election final but unofficial results. That’s 1,381 fewer than voted in the 78th House race in the August 2 election, although that also included numerous other races.

Franks and his attorney, David Roland, had successfully argued that serious irregularities with how the city Board of Elections handled absentee ballots were enough to invalidate the August 2 election.

They fought all the way to the Missouri Court of Appeals to win the right to tonight’s revote.

Penny Hubbard’s lawyer, Jane Dueker, argued that elderly voters and the disabled would be disenfranchised by rigid enforcement of the rules governing absentee voting — as well as the speedy timing of the special election. But both the circuit court and appellate court disagreed, setting the stage for today’s special election.

The Riverfront Times first profiled Franks in a September 2015 cover story. In it, he discussed how the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson helped him channel his activism to trying to work with law enforcement to save black lives. A favorite of the progressive community, Franks also owns an Allstate insurance office on Cherokee Street, a district that’s becoming a growing source of political power — and left-leaning challenges to the city’s Democratic status quo.


Franks during the Ferguson protests. – PHOTO BY KATRINA HALL
Franks during the Ferguson protests.


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Luh Tay of 3 Problems – King Of STL Street Music


Unless you’ve been under a rock the past 2 years in St. Louis, then you’ve probably heard of the rap group, 3 Problems. Whether in the streets where their names rang bells, or on the Internet where their music videos went viral, they’re well known throughout the city and beyond. Since the death of 1/3 of the group,  Swag Huncho, Luh Tay has been single-handedly flooding the streets of St. Louis with music.  It might seem a little far-fetched, but in my opinion there hasn’t been another artist to represent St. Louis to this extent, since Nelly had Country Grammar, which was well over a decade ago. Luh Tay has been on numerous features, received close to 600,000 plays on Soundcloud, earned 11,000 subscribers on YouTube, with every video reaching six figures in views.  Not to mention he dropped one of the greatest mixtapes to ever come out of St. Louis entitled, Free Rello.

There was a time where you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing or seeing the mixtape, Free Rello. People post lyrics from that project on a daily. If you’re a tourist and you want to know more about St. Louis, listen to Free Rello. You will laugh, cry, feel betrayed, turn up, have thoughts of killing someone, and you might just go to jail in the process.  Even if the streets take a turn for the good, this tape would still be timeless.  With 3 Problems gearing to drop Free Rello: Reloaded , you will have a few new hits like “Bounce Back” and “100 Shells Pt. 2”.

Every artist from St. Louis has, in one form or another, tried to get their hands on the Luh Tay “stimulus package”. The stimulus package includes a catchy hook, his attendance at the video shoot, and access to his fan base.  If you’re on YouTube regularly or not, just type in 3 Problems and see for yourself how many features Luh Tay knocked out since last December.  It’s no secret. Pay to put Luh Tay on a song, your views will surely go up, and you might just build up enough buzz in the streets for yourself.

Numbers don’t lie, unless you’re buying views, but no matter what Luh Tay hops on, it does numbers. You can’t say the same for any other artists in St. Louis right now making street music.  My advice to you will be to pick your best song and pay Luh Tay for a feature.  With no major co-signs, zero World Star videos, or big money backing him, Luh Tay is the go to guy if your music needs clout in the streets.

Lastly, his lyrics are authentic and the city can definitely vouch for him. Between losing friends, and going back and forth to jail, it’s hard to root against him. If not ourselves, we all know someone who’s going through what he’s been through, so if he win, we ALL win.


Luh Tay is running the streets right now, point blank period.  How could you not crown him the “King of STL Street Music”.

If you don’t agree, who would you crown?

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All Eyes On SDP: The Resurgence of a St. Louis Icon

eyes-on-shorty <span class="/>

“Success comes from
sacrifice. You have to
give something up to
get something out.”


Shorty Da Prince (or SDP for short), born Jordan Johnson started his career in radio when he was just twelve years old after winning a radio host search at KATZ 100.3 The Beat. He hosted a Saturday Morning show and begin to become popular radio DJ in the city eventually becoming the prime time DJ in St Louis landing the 6pm to Midnight slot Monday through Friday all while still in high school. After honing his craft, Shorty became one of St. Louis’ top rated on air personality on WHHL HOT 104.1 .In 2010, he set his sights on Detroit and landed a gig hosting a top rated night show on the most popular hip hop station in the city, HOT 107.5. As of 2015 Shorty can be heard on 93.9 WKYS in the DMV (DC/MD/VA) and in St. Louis on HOT 104.1 7pm to Midnight on weekdays.

Throughout his career in radio Shorty also chased his love of music. At the age of fifteen, Shorty signed a deal with Track Boyz Entertainment (Nelly Air Force Ones) under the stage name Shorty da Kid. The Track Boyz introduced Shorty da Kid on a tour of artist showcases attended by Universal, Def Jam, Capital and Atlantic Records executives. During the Atlantic Records showcase, Shorty caught the eye of media executive Kevin Liles and was immediately signed to Atlantic Records.

SDP is most known for his 2008 summer anthem “Wah Wah Wow.” Despite released from Atlantic/Warner Bros Records in 2010 Shorty continues to crank out music for his fans. Upon his release, Shorty da Kid changed his stage name to Shorty da Prince or SDP.

His recent 2015 project release “2 Humble” described an artist that is ready to take whats his; with a solid fan base and real following, we believe he can do just that.Knowing Shorty on a personal level, like a brother, I would agree with the title of this project. Having accomplished so much with so many people doubting his success, it’s great to see Shorty prevail as one of the greatest from St. Louis to every do it.

Recently SDP has been gradually sweeping the city all over again with his remixes to the popular records like Future’s Wicked, Young Thug’s Pick Up the Phone, and Dae Dae’s What You Mean have been in primary rotation for those singles. Now with new single in the forefront, Face UP, SDP seems to be making all of the right moves to be placed in all the right position. The best thing about SDP is that he has yet to peak and is always pushing the envelope with his creativity and consistency. Check out the remixes that’s been stirring everything up!

Also don’t forget to check out SDP’s new single Face UP.

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Respek the Dancer – Chasity Hollamon


Not only is it about music, it’s also about how you bring the music to life, and the dancer is significant for just that.

Meet Chasity Hollamon, once an aspiring professional dancer.  From attending the Best Dance & Talent Center in Saint Louis at a young age, to graduating from Central Visual & Performing Arts High School in 2010, and finally obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance,  from Stephens College in 2013, “Chaz” has had major success in the art of DANCE.  She has been able to meet and work with the legendary Debbie Allen, Abby Lee of Dance Moms, Becky G & J. Balvin (Special Olympics Opening Ceremony 2015), and the world’s most notorious DJ/Producer Skrillex.  After enduring her journey to success in the art of DANCE, she has somehow found her way back home to Saint Louis, where she is now currently giving back through her experience and expertise. How Sway, you ask!?

Aside from being an aspiring professional dancer, and being back home in the Lou, Chaz has added  “BOSS” to her huge list of accomplishments.  She is the proud Owner/Director of her own dance school, Together We Dance, were she teaches and mentors other young aspiring dancers.

Put some Respek on her name: Chasity Hollamon

Stay connected with her and the dance school by following:  Chasity HollamonTogether We Dance

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Beau Willie a.k.a Ryan Austin is a hip-hop producer from St. Louis, Missouri. Beau is known for consistently producing some of the hottest records for St. Louis artists. Beau’s range in sound shows his versatility. He can produce R&B, pop, hip-hop or any other genre of music and make each record as good as the next. It’s a sure HIT whenever Beau produces a record. Beau has produced records for artists such as Bo Dean, Indiana Rome, and T Dubb O to name a few.

Beau has definitely put in the work to be crowned one of Saint Louis’ best producers. So PUT SOME RESPEK ON HIS NAME. Check out some of his work.

You can hit up Beau Willie via email

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RESPEK the Videographer: Jon Alexander

jonA <span class="/>

Rarely do we talk about the artist behind the scenes. The visual artists that help bring music to life. Jon Alexander does exactly that. Jon graduated from Full Sail University in 2011 with a B.A. in Film production and his productions have reached over 700,000 views. He’s had major success in photography and film. And has shot numerous videos for artists such as Bo Dean, The Domino Effect, and Trixie to name a few. Put some RespeK on his name: Jon Alexander.

Check out more from Jon at or email him at

‘Berlinetta’ – The Domino Effect
‘Modern Day Caesar/The Graveyard’ – FreshaNova
‘No Attachments’ – Trixie (feat. Nick Menn)
‘Help Me Out’ – Trixie (feat. Zay the First)
‘ChiChi’ – Bo Dean (feat. Louie Boy)
‘No Words’ – Souls of Liberty

Vess Soda
It’s A Celebration!
SheDandy – AWOL Collection
Los Angeles, CA
A3C 2015
Arts Speak!

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