Anthony Lucius’ sound is undeniable in 87th!


Anthony Lucius is blessing fans with another great music project titled 87th. This project, is said to be his best and may very well be. Lucius is lyrically gifted, but what stands out the most in 87th isn’t just the lyrics, but the production. The tone of 87th switches back and forth from smooth to up beat. Incorporating various instruments like the electric guitar, piano and flute combined with musical flavors such as jazz, soul and 90s g-funk that highlight each track.

87th is set to release September 22nd. Just five months after Anthony Lucius‘ debut album Welcome to St. Lucius.

Where Welcome to St. Lucius left off, Lucius picks back up in 87th. Continuing with songs loaded with solid lyrics and smooth tones that fans have come to love. Songs such as “Be Ocean, Not Wave“, “Holy Grail Flow“, “Pt III“, and “Pretty Brown Pearls“. The piano shifts in “Pt III” and flute in “Be Ocean, Not Wave” are amazing. Strings and blends that are sure to keep your ears engaged. Hip-hop at it’s best.

87th does have it’s more up tempo tracks. Tracks such as “Bag“, “Alive“, and “4block“. The electric guitar in “4block” is something special. Dropping that guitar over those snares is just amazing. Perfectly synchronizing that old school sound with a modern hip-hop up-beat. Instant vibes.

87th is another solid project from one of St. Louis’ most talented artists. Anthony Lucius proves to be not only a talented rapper, but a great creator of music. Leaving his musical creativity all over 87th, his sound is definable undeniable.

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MashUp Monday: “Gwala Bills” by M.A.T the Drummer (feat. Meela Li, Thee Pharoah)

mat the drummer

ULSTN is getting you hip every Monday to dope remixes and collaborations from St Louis artists on a record.

This week we’re highlighting M.A.T the Drummer‘s dope record titled “Gwala Bills”. This track features Meela Li and Thee Pharoah. Smooth sounds and instant vibes with this track. M.A.T continues his run of producing some of the hottest songs in the Lou. Check it out!

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MashUp Monday: Tres – Can I Live (ft. Mbz Live, A GAME)

ULSTN is getting you hip every Monday to dope remixes and collaborations from St Louis artists on a record.

This week we’re highlighting Tres‘ brand spanking new record “Can I Live”.  MC Tres enlists in the whitty flows of hot spitta, A GAME, and the slick sound of MBz Live to complete this “icy raw” ass track.  If you haven’t heard it check it out now!


If you loved that, you’ll enjoy more on Tres’ new project entitled, SUMMERTIM3.


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ULSTN HUMP DAY: “The Challenge” by Najii Person Ft Elton Aura


It’s ULSTN HUMP DAY and we’re hipping you to tracks to help get you thru the week.

This week, we’re hipping you to Najii Person‘s “The Challenge” featuring Elton Aura. As sampled from Common‘s The Light:
“There are times, When you’ll need someone, I will be by your side…”. This track is super dope! Najii does it again and gives us another amazing track to vibe to this summer. Check it out!

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Bo Dean brings “FroNation” to Blueberry Hill


Beloved and phenominal St. Louis hip-hop artist Bo Dean, brought “FroNation” to Blueberry Hill this past Friday night for a riviting performance.

Positive vibes and good energy”, was the veteran rapper’s response when asked about the night. “They came out, bought merch, and had good energy“.

The show was a fortifying performance for the St. Louis native. Decked in his signature brand gear, Bo Dean exemplified the artist and activist his fans have come to know and love.

Bo Dean, with gleeful bravado, wore a “Fronited we stand, divided we fall” t-shirt, “Fronation” pants, Michael Jackson glove(signaling he’s the greatest), and all-white Nike Air Force 1 shoes. All his custom gear designed by Bria Kelly.

On a night where rap artist Young Jeezy was performing, St Louis underground converged at Bo Dean‘s performance. Not only a testament to Bo Dean‘s talent, but a testament to the strength of the St. Louis underground community.

Whole crowed lit ????

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Performing with a full band, Poetiq and the Poets, Bo Dean walked on stage to embracive cheers from the crowd. Shortly after his introduction to the stage, he invited the crowd to join him in saying “F@*k Cancer!“. Referring to the recent lost of his father to the disease. Then went into his song titled “F@#k’em“.

During his forty-five minute performance, Bo Dean offered his brand of soulful, up-lifting vibes, that connects social issues of today with those of the past. Bo Dean also displayed lyrical supremacy with some good old-fashion bars(rap lyrics).

He performed songs from his latest album “Fromerica”, such as “I Think I Lover Her”, “All My” and “Mental Vacay”. He also performed classic songs from his Bovember 3 project such as “Drop” and the fan favorite “Chi Chi“.

Bo Dean also tapped into some of project collaborations, which brought out rapper T Dubb-O for “Wad Up”,  Louie Boy for “Track 2”, Tylan for “Richocet“, and Jay Dee for “How could you ever“.

There were also great opening performances from Miistro Freeyo and Sal Calhoon.

The evening preceded with all around great performances from everyone who stepped foot on the stage. Bo Dean‘s upcoming project Froppreciation is set to release in early Fall 2017.

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MashUp Monday: “#SummerMashUp” By Bo Dean

bo mashup

ULSTN is getting you hip every Monday to dope remixes and collaborations from St Louis artists on a record.

This week we’re highlighting a dope freestyle by Bo Dean titled “#SummerMashUp“. Bo raps over some of today’s hotest beats and puts them in a body bag. This is straight fire! List of beats are:

T Grizzly – First day Out
Nicki Minaj – No Frauds
Migos – Bad & Boujee
Big Sean – Bounce Back
Kendrick Lamar – Humble
Drake – Free Smoke
2 Chainz – It’s A Vibe
Uzi Vert – XO Tour Lif3
Gucci Mane -First Day Out
Future – Mask Off
Rick Ross – Santorini Greece

Check it out!

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